Savannah Plantation

Savannah Plantation Homes acquires land and sells quality homes in an acreage lot community just south of Pearland, TX.


With the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, a strong petro-chemical and refining industry, the Port of Houston, and the Pearland Office Submarket, there are over 650,000 jobs within 35 minutes of Savannah Plantation. The team behind Savannah Plantation Homes is turning these jobs into new home sales.

Our team has extensively researched the lifestyles and needs of our target buyers. Savannah Plantation, part of Houston’s South Submarket, offers large, acreage lots that will appeal to over 70,000 homeowners already in the area. These homeowners are middle-aged to mature couples and families that have or had kids living with them. They are middle class, dual-income earners that own a business or hold white-collar and solid blue-collar jobs. Most importantly, they value space. Currently living in some of the country’s fastest growing suburbs, these homeowners have found themselves surrounded by crowds and congestion. Savannah Plantation offers these homeowners the space they need to enjoy a balanced lifestyle of quiet comfort and outdoor activities.

IMG_1879Savannah Plantation Homes is positioned to meet the large-lot demand better than any other community in the area. Of the 130 large-lot communities across Houston, only 21 are located in the South Submarket. Of these 21 communities, none of them have an active model-home sales program. Therefore, Savannah Plantation will be the ONLY large-lot community in the area with a marketing presence. Because well-marketed ‘land & home’ package communities have performed well in this market historically, Savannah Plantation Homes is positioned to offer a hard-to-find, but high-demand product.

Let us show you how to put real estate to work for you! Safely grow your hard-earned money at 2-5x’s the current going rate within a short time horizon.

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